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Go for Silver Teacher Book

Go for Silver Teacher Book

Go for Silver Teacher Book provides notes for a teacher or choir leader to teach essential musicianship skills using the principles of Zoltán Kodály. This book should be used in conjunction with the Level One and Level Two pupil books, available separately.

Go for Silver Teacher Book builds on concepts already established in Go for Bronze including:

  • pitch - do and la diatonic scale
  • do and la scale structure - tones and semitones
  • absolute names (notes names A, B, C, etc.)
  • additional rhythms - the triplet
  • compound time signatures
  • musical terms for tempo
  • scale structure - tetrachords
  • flats and sharps
  • key signatures (up to 3# and 3b)
  • how to find do
  • transposition
  • following a score
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