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There's Lilt in the Song (2002)

A selection of new and traditional Scots songs from the National Youth Choir of Scotland featuring arrangements by Stephen Doughty, Tommy Fowler and Ken Johnston. There’s Lilt in the Song is a selection of choral items and solos (performed by choir members) that will alternately tug at your heart strings and set your toes tapping. There's even a surprise honorary 'Scots' song to finish with!

  • Dream Angus
  • Loch Lomond
  • Griogal Cridhe
  • Island Spinning Song
  • No Man’s Land
  • The Wee Cooper O’ Fife
  • Kelvingrove
  • Air Falalalo
  • My Heart is Sair
  • The Banks of Inverurie
  • John Anderson My Jo
  • A Highland Lad
  • O Gin I Were A Baron’s Heir
  • Westering Home
  • Lullaby
  • By Yon Castle Wa
  • Flow Gently, Sweet Afton
  • The Drummer and the Cook
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Saga of the Seven Days National Boys Choir (2013)

Many languages associate each day of the week with one of seven heavenly objects known in ancient times: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. English has retained these origins for Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. For the other four days, however, the names of Anglo-Saxon or Nordic gods have replaced the Roman gods that gave name to the planets. Thus, Tuesday is named after Tiu, Wednesday is named after Woden, Thursday is named after Thor, and Friday is named after Freya.

In 2005, Scottish composer Tom Cunningham and English poet Paul Wigmore wrote a short song entitled The Great God Thor for NYCoS National Boys Choir. This proved to be such a success at its premiere that NYCoS Artistic Director, Christopher Bell invited Tom to expand the piece into a complete cantata. Thus The Saga of the Seven Days was born. The other six movements are set by Tom to texts by the Brussels-based writer, Derek Roberts.

In 2013 NYCoS National Boys Choir recorded this CD which features the song with and without the narration.

  • The Sun
  • The Moon
  • How Tiu Lost His Arm
  • Wodin the All-father
  • The Great God Thor
  • Freya
  • Saturn
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Cantos Sagrados (2019)

Conducted by Christopher Bell, the National Youth Choir of Scotland is joined by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra for the premiere recording of Cantos Sagrados in the orchestral version. One of Sir James MacMillan’s most powerful works, it is timeless and contemporary, sacred and secular.

This release also features works by Whitacre, Musgrave, Ešenvalds, Tippet and Biebl with intense and passionate music ideally suited to the National Youth Choir of Scotland. With themes of love and death, many of these tracks, comedic in places, are favourites of the choir from over the years.

  • 1–3. Cantos Sagrados (James MacMillan)
  • 4. Leonardo Dreams of His Flying Machine (Eric Whitacre)
  • 5–8. On the Underground, Set 2: The Strange and the Exotic (Thea Musgrave)
  • 9. Amazing Grace (Eriks Ešenvalds)
  • 10. When David Heard (Eric Whitacre)
  • 11–15. Five Spirituals from A Child of our Time (Michael Tippett)
  • 16. Ave Maria (Franz Biebl)
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All Those Men Who Marched Away (2018)

In this centenary year of the end of the First World War, experience Ken Johnston and Jim Maxwell’s powerful cantata All Those Men Who Marched Away.

The suite of six songs tells the tales of the troops from their early optimism and hopes of being home for Christmas to the remembrance of the fallen soldiers.

This recording features: NYCOS National Boys Choir, Christopher Bell (conductor), Stuart Hope (piano) & Jamie MacDougall (narrator).

Tracklist (includes versions of each track with and without narration)

  • Summer 1914
  • Home Before Christmas
  • The PBI
  • Part-Time Soldier
  • Kitchener's Army
  • Memorial
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Letters to Lindbergh National Girls Choir (2012)

Conducted by Christopher Bell, the NYCoS National Girls Choir is joined by pianists Philip Moore and Andrew West to perform a collection of choral music by Richard Rodney Bennett for female voices and piano/piano duet.

  • 1-4. Letters to Lindbergh
  • 5. The Ballad of Sweet William
  • 6-10. The Aviary
  • 11-14. Dream-Songs
  • 15. A Song at Evening
  • 16-19. Four American Carols
  • 20-27. Over the Hills and Far Away
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A Ceremony of Carols National Girls Choir (2010)

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Led by Christopher Bell, the NYCOS National Girls Choir is joined by harpist Claire Jones to perform a unique festive programme: Benjamin Britten's beloved work A Ceremony of Carols and the world-premiere recording of Elizabeth Poston's An English Day-Book, as well as two works by contemporary UK composers Oliver Iredale Searle and Stephen Deazley.

  • 1-12. A Ceremony of Carols (Benjamin Britten)
  • 13-23. An English Day-Book (Elizabeth Poston)
  • 24. On a Summer Night (Oliver Iredale Searle)
  • 25. The Ears of Mr Tuer (Stephen Deazley)
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3-4-5 Note Songs Accompaniment CD

3-4-5 Note Songs is an ideal resource, providing great songs that have only three, four or five notes. This CD provides piano accompaniment for all 20 songs from our 3-4-5 Note Songs book, which will help beginner singers confidently learn to read from stick notation and the stave.

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I Landed with Seven Men Accompaniment CD

The partnership of great melody and strong words makes songs very memorable, and the idea of learning and absorbing important aspects of history through song is a powerful one.

In this short cantata, I Landed with Seven Men, five Scots songs associated with Bonnie Prince Charlie and the Jacobite rebellion are placed in their historical context with short narrations.

This CD provides piano accompaniment for all 5 songs from our I Landed with Seven Men book.

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Going for Gold Accompaniment CD

The popularity of sport provides an easy subject with which to get young people singing. Going for Gold: A sports cantata reunites composer and librettist team of Tom Cunningham and Derek Roberts (Saga of the Seven Days and Seven Planets and a Cosmic Rock) to provide songs on sporting themes with melodies that can be sung easily. Songs Rowing, Track and Field, Aquatics and Cycling are joined by songs with the more universal themes of dedication, motivation and commitment, including the opening and closing song that incorporates the words ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ (the motto of the International Olympic Association).

This CD provides piano accompaniment for all 8 songs from our Going for Gold: A sports cantata book.

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