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Singsilver! (Vocal Score)

The Go for Silver level of NYCoS musicianship training programme introduces the notes of the diatonic scale with further rhythms and expression marks. Ten composers, either Scottish or working in Scotland were asked to write three songs, one each for SingBronze, SingSilver and SingGold

  • Nests (Sally Beamish)
  • Skylark (Martin Dalby)
  • Here I Am (Tommy Fowler)
  • The Birks of Aberfeldy (Ken Johnston)
  • Yardstick (Eddie McGuire)
  • The Ghost Horsemen (Alasdair Nicolson)
  • Limbo Dancer's Soundsong (Sheena Phillps)
  • The Pleasant Scents of Spring (Oliver Iredale Searle)
  • Waiting for the Silver Sailed Moon (Savourna Stevenson)
  • The Earth Sings (William Sweeny)

Vocal and piano parts included.

NYCoS celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2006 by commissioning new songs for young people that reflected a structured progressive musicianship programme. Having learnt basic concepts, ideally young singers could use what they know to read these songs themselves, identifying what is on the page using the knowledge they have.

The NYCoS musicianship training programme is based on the work of Hungarian composer and music educationalist Zoltan Kodály, who identified a process of learning by three stages: subconscious, conscious and reinforcement. Simply put, musical concepts are introduced subconsciously through games, then consciously by a teacher or choir leader. Our wish with these books is to provide material for the third part of this process - to help reinforce the concepts.

Part of the Singbronze, Singsilver, Singgold series.

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