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Go for Bronze Level Two Pupil Book

Go for Bronze Level Two Pupil Book

Go for Bronze Level Two is the second book in a series of six workbooks for young choir singers, carefully graded to teach essential musicianship skills using the principles of Zoltán Kodály.

Each workbook is intended to take a year in parallel with choir or classroom activities, though the pace may vary to accommodate differing abilities. The starting age could be as young as eight years old.

Activities include games as well as written and singing exercises to be done as a group activity, with the main emphasis to provide the singer with the confidence to sing well at sight and to develop into a valuable member of a choir.

The work is designed to be led by a teacher or choir leader and the books should be used in conjunction with the Teachers Book, available separately.

Go for Bronze Level Two builds on concepts already established including:

  • reinforcing the pentatonic scale
  • do and la pentatonic
  • dotted rhythms
  • syncopation
  • new simple time rhythms
  • changing time signatures

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