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Go for Gold Teacher Book

Go for Gold Teacher Book

Go for Gold Teacher Book provides notes for a teacher or choir leader to teach essential musicianship skills using the principles of Zoltán Kodály. This book should be used in conjunction with the Level One and Level Two pupil books, available separately.

Go for Gold Teacher Book builds on concepts already established in Go for Bronze and Go for Silver including:

  • time signatures
  • major and minor key (all # and b)
  • intervals
  • sequence
  • altered notes (so-si, fa-fi and ti-ta)
  • harmonic and melodic minor scales
  • double sharps and double flats
  • additional clefs (bass clef, C clef)
  • short score and open score
  • chromatic scale
  • irregular time signatures
  • degrees of the scale (tonic, supertonic etc.)
  • triads and inversions
  • modulation
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