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Going for Gold

Going for Gold

The popularity of sport provides an easy subject with which to get young people singing. Going for Gold: A sports cantata reunites composer and librettist team of Tom Cunningham and Derek Roberts (Saga of the Seven Days and Seven Planets and a Cosmic Rock) to provide songs on sporting themes with melodies that can be sung easily.

Songs Rowing, Track and Field, Aquatics and Cycling are joined by songs with the more universal themes of dedication, motivation and commitment, including the opening and closing song that incorporates the words ‘Faster, Higher, Stronger’ (the motto of the International Olympic Association).

Teachers will recognise this new resource as an example of cross-curricular learning, which will help implement the experiences and outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence, including Health and Wellbeing. In England it fits into the National Curriculum and would be suitable for use with KS2 and KS3 students.

Ideal for boys, girls or mixed choirs, this cantata has additionally been particularly carefully created to be accessible to boys’ treble voices (see introduction).

  • designed to be easily taught and memorised
  • can be sung by unchanged voices without the need to access upper registers, changed baritones and girls of all ages
  • range of octave plus one note
  • vocal score, choral score and wordsheets within the same book
  • photocopiable material
  • accompaniment CD available separately
  • full orchestration and Flexiband arrangements available
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