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Singing Games & Rhymes for ages 9 to 99

Singing Games & Rhymes for ages 9 to 99

Singing Games and Rhymes for 9 to 99 is a collection of tried and tested material for nine years upwards. The songs have been arranged in alphabetical order with step by step instructions. The accompanying DVD means that you can see the games in action whilst listening to the songs.

  • For people both young and old who find great joy in singing together with others – and are not afraid of more challenging games! The ideas can be used with upper primary and secondary schools as well as in choirs.
  • There are folk songs, partner songs, canons and part songs from around the world accompanied by more complex metric and rhythmic patterns than in the previous volumes.
  • Dance, ball games, clapping games, stick passing games, cup passing games and even a Philippine tinikling dance!
  • It is our belief that being engaged in playful and uplifting communal music making not only creates a love for singing but that Singing Games have, over the years, proven to be highly efficient in the development of general musical skills in the most complex way.
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